Our team is currently entering its 8th season and has competed regionally and nationally. Rockford Heat is a traveling basketball team that focuses on more than just basketball.

Our goal is to develop student athletes who will be prepared to succeed both on and off the court. We will attempt to provide our players with the skills and techniques to succeed in tomorrow's world. Winning is not always the ultimate goal, but the experience of having worked hard both on and off the court to achieve success as a Rockford Heat Player is the lesson we hope to impart to out players.

All sports are competitive and AAU basketball is no exception. Our team has and will face fierce competition from all over the region. Therefore, as coaches, we have to select players who bring the most to the team or a certain position. Unfortunately, when there are tryouts there are also players who are cut. This does not mean that your player should give up basketball; this simply means that your player needs to continue to play the game in one form or another and continue to improve their individual skills. Because, if they truly love the game and want to play competitively, there will truly be no obstacles that they cannot overcome.

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